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Boulder Elkhorn Photos

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Pictures of Streams and Metals Sampling Locations in the Boulder-Elkhorn TMDL Planning Area


This page contains pictures of streams that are being assessed for metal and nutrient impairments in the Boulder-Elkhorn TMDL Planning Area. All but one of the photos was taken during the June, 2009 sampling event during which streams were sampled for metals. Pictures were taken at sampling locations detailed in the 2009 Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) on pages 6-8. The SAP can be found on the Boulder Elkhorn Documents page. Sample site IDs are provided in the picture captions if you wish to match up photos with information in the SAP. This page does not contain photos of every sampling site.



Streams are listed alphabetically. Pictures under each stream are ordered from upstream to downstream.




Site Location: BE-4, Basin Creek below the confluence with Clear Creek. 


Iron seep and abandoned mine structure along Basin Creek.



Site Location BE-9: Basin Creek at Canyon Campground






Site Location BE-11: Big Limber Gulch above the Waldy/Redwing mine complex






Site Location BE-14: The mouth of Bishop Creek (above its confluence with the Boulder River)








Site Location BE-16: Near the headwaters of Bison Creek.

This sample site was selected to capture natural background conditions.



Site Location BE-17: Bison Creek at the north end of Elk Park



Site Location BE-15: The mouth of Bison Creek (upstream of its confluence with the Boulder River)







Site Location BE-28: Near the headwaters of the Boulder River.

This sample site was selected to capture natural background conditions.




Site Location BE-30: Boulder River below the Lowland Creek confluence 




Site Location: BE-20: Boulder River below Red Rock Creek



Site Location BE-21: Boulder River above the Town of Basin



Site Location BE-22: Boulder River above the confluence with Cataract Creek




Site Location BE-34: Boulder River below all Elkhorn Creek inputs.






Site Location BE-42: Cataract Creek upstream of the confluence with Big Limber Gulch






Site Location BE-48: Elkhorn Creek below the Plymouth, Carmody, and Tourmaline mining claims.






Site Location BE-51: The mouth of Galena Gulch






Site Location BE-59: Little Boulder River above the confluence with the North Fork of the Little Boulder River



Site Location BE-61: The Little Boulder River above Boulder Hot Springs






Site Location BE-64: Lowland Creek upstream of the Ruby Mine complex.






Site Location BE-74: Uncle Sam Gulch above the St. Lawrence and Crystal mining claims 





Page Released: December 9, 2009

Last Updated: February 15, 2012