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Bitterroot Nutrient TMDL Schedule

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Bitterroot TMDLs Welcome Page

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Schedule for Development of the Bitterroot Nutrient TMDLs


This page has been reorganized and changed from its previous format (starting October, 2011). General project announcements and updates will be posted in the first table. The next table contains a list of the main tasks that remain to be completed, a description of each task, and its status. As document pieces become available for review, review timeframes will also be posted in the table.



July 17, 2012 This page is no longer active. All updates on the nutrient TMDLs will be posted on the Bitterroot Watershed TMDL Project Outreach page. Please update your bookmarks with a link to the new page.

October, 2011

This table will be used to post overall updates about the project.




Task & Task Description

Task Status

Review Timeframe

SWAT Modeling

A Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model is being used to evaluate nutrient loading in the Bitterroot River watershed. The model will assess the potential significance of nutrient loading from all sources within the watershed. The Project Overview page contains a table of the streams included in this TMDL assessment.


A series of technical reports are being developed in support of this modeling effort. They will be posted to the Bitterroot Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Documents page for review by the TAG as they become available.

The model is currently being calibrated to the hydrologic conditions in the Bitterroot River watershed.

Stakeholder review periods have not been established.

Nutrient Target Development

Water quality targets will be developed to evaluate existing stream conditions.


Currently, Montana only has narrative standards for nutrients. Numeric standards are under development and may be approved prior to completion of this project, in which case the numeric standards will be used as the water quality targets. For additional information on development of the nutrient numeric standards, see DEQ’s Numeric Nutrient Criteria webpage.

This task has not been started.

Stakeholder review periods have not been established.

Establishment of TMDLs & Allocations

Nutrient TMDLs will be written for streams where assessment results are consistent with nutrient impairment. Allocations will be established for significant sources for each TMDL.

This task has not been started.

Stakeholder review periods have not been established.

Draft Document Completion

The full draft document will be completed and made available for stakeholder review.

This task has not been started.

Stakeholder review periods have not been established.

Public Comment Period

A formal public comment period will be held during which time the public may submit written comments. A public meeting will be held during this timeframe.

The public comment period will not be established until draft document development is nearing completion.

The public comment period has not been established.

Final Document Completion & EPA Submittal

DEQ will review all comments received during the public comment period, prepare responses, and make any necessary edits to the document. The document will then be submittal to EPA for approval. Once approved, the final document will be posted to DEQ’s website.

This task will not begin until the public comment period closes.

Not Applicable



For questions regarding this project, please contact Christina Staten, Bitterroot Project Coordinator, at cstaten@mt.gov or (406) 444-2836. Darrin Kron was previously the nutrient project manager, but has changed positions within DEQ. He is now the Monitoring & Assessment Section Supervisor. Christian Schmidt is the new project manager. Nutrient TMDLs are still scheduled to be complete by the end of 2014.




Page Released: April 14, 2010

Last Updated: July 17, 2012