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Completed Projects

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Completed Projects


Projects are removed from the sidebar once they are complete, but their pages are not deleted. Links to pages of completed TMDL projects are found below, listed alphabetically by project name. A map of Montana's TMDL Project Areas can be found on DEQ's webpage. The final TMDL documents for these projects can be found on DEQ's TMDL webpage.


Use the sidebar on the right if you need to navigate back to this page or to pages of current TMDL projects.


Project Name & Pages

Completed TMDLs

(Pollutant Categories)

Project Completion Date

(Month of Document Approval by EPA)

Beaverhead Sediment  July 2012 
Lower Beaverhead - Upper Jefferson Rivers Temperature November 2014

Sediment, Temperature

Metals, Nutrients, Temperature

August 2011 

December 2014

Blackfoot Watershed


Sediment (Sandbar Creek)

Metals, Sediment, Temperature 

September 2013

November 2014

December 2014 

Bonita-Superior Metals May 2013


Nutrients, Sediment, & Temperature

December 2012

September 2013

Central Clark Fork Tributaries Nutrients, Sediment, Temperature  September 2014 
Flathead - Stillwater Nutrients, Sediment, & Temperature December 2014

Metals & Sediment


October 2012

December 2013

Jefferson Metals Metals  December 2014 
Judith Mountains Metals, Nutrients, Sediment June 2013
Kootenai - Fisher Metals, Nutrients, Sediment, Temperature May 2014
Little Blackfoot Metals, Nutrients, Sediment December 2011

Lower Clark Fork Tributaries  

Lower Clark Fork Tribs TMDL Schedule

Sediment  December 2010 
Lower Gallatin 

E.Coli, Nutrients, Sediment

March 2013
Madison Metals, Nutrients, E.coli Sediment, & Temperature

Metals, Nutrients, E. coli: March 2019

Sediment & Temperature: September 2020

Rock  Metals, Nutrients, Sediment, & Temperature September 2013
Sheep Creek E.coli, Aluminum

E.coli: September 2017

Aluminum: December 2020

Silver Bow Creek - Clark Fork River  Metals April 2014
Thompson Metals, Nutrients, Sediment, Temperature  August 2014 



Nutrients & Temperature

September 2011

September 2014

Upper Clark Fork Metals, Sediment, Temperature  March 2010 
Upper Clark Fork Phase 2  Sediment, Nutrients April 2014
White Pine Creek Temperature November 2014 
Yaak  Nutrients July 2014



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Last Updated: March 26, 2021