Kootenai - Fisher TMDL Project Contacts

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This project is a joint effort between the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The table below contains contact information for all project team members and a description of their role.







Christina Staten


Project Coordinator


Christina’s primary responsibilities include communication with the Kootenai - Fisher TMDL Advisory Group members, coordination of project meetings, and maintenance of this project site.


Lou Volpe


Project Manager for the Metals TMDLs


Lisa Kusnierz


Project Manager for the Nutrients, Sediment, and Temperature TMDLs


Lisa is working in close collaboration with DEQ for all aspects of TMDL development.



Mailing Addresses:


Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality


1520 East Sixth Ave

PO Box 200901

Helena, MT 59620-0901


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Region 8, Montana Office

10 West 15th Street, Suite 3200

Helena, MT 59626



Additional Contacts for the Kootenai River & Fisher River Watersheds


Lincoln Conservation District

Kootenai River Network

Kootenai Tribe of Idaho

Kootenai Tribe of Idaho: Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Program


Robert Ray, DEQ Nonpoint Source Program Supervisor

For information on land managment practices that can improve water quality and for information on sources of funding, see DEQ's Nonpoint Source webpage.



Please Note:

This project is not part of, or a result of, the superfund clean-up operations for the W.R. Grace vermiculite mine and asbestos contamination in Libby. For information regarding the superfund project, please see EPA’s Libby Asbestos webpage. This project is also not part of the permitting or development of an environmental impact statement for the Montanore Mine.


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