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Bitterroot TMDL Project Contacts

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Bitterroot TMDLs Welcome Page

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Contacts for both the current TMDL project and those for completed TMDLs are included in the table below. The Bitterroot Watershed TMDL Project Overview page provides information on what streams and impairments are included in the current project. The Completed TMDLs page provides tables of, and links to, the TMDLs that have been completed and approved by EPA for the Bitterroot River watershed.


The current project is a joint effort between DEQ and the U.S. EPA 






Current TMDL Project

Jordan Tollefson 1


Project Coordinator 1


(406) 444-5341

Mindy McCarthy 4 DEQ Nutrients Project Manager 4 mmccarthy3@mt.gov (406) 444-6754

Christian Schmidt


Nutrients Project Manager 2

Bitterroot River Mainstem Sediment Project Manager*


(406) 444-6777

Peter Brumm


Metals Project Manager


This project is a joint effort between DEQ and the Montana Office of the U.S. EPA.


(406) 457-5029

Jordan Tollefson 3


Temperature Project Manager 3


(406) 444-5341

Lisa Kusnierz


Bitterroot Headwaters Sediment Project Manager


(406) 457-5001

Kyle Flynn DEQ Project Modeler kflynn@mt.gov (406) 444-5974

Completed TMDL Projects

Kristy Fortman


Sediment Project Manager


Kristy was the project manager for sediment TMDLs that were completed in 2011 for 13 tributaries of the Bitterroot River.


(406) 444-7425

Darrin Kron2


Temperature Project Manager


Darrin was the project manager for temperature TMDLs that were completed in 2011 for the middle and lower segments of the Bitterroot River, and Sleeping Child, Willow, and Miller creeks.


(406) 444-4765

Additional Contacts

Laura Andersen DEQ

Laura works in DEQ's nonpoint source program and is the TMDL implementation contact for the Bitterroot River watershed. Laura is working with the Bitter Root Water Forum to implement restoration projects, following recommendations from the completed temperature and sediment TMDL documents.


For information on land management practices that can improve water quality, see DEQ's Nonpoint Source Webpage.

landersen3@mt.gov (406) 444-0549

Heather Mullee

Bitter Root Water Forum

Heather is the executive director of the Bitter Root Water Forum and assists DEQ with TMDL outreach activities


(406) 375-2272

Wendy Sturgis

Lolo Watershed Group

Wendy is the watershed coordinator for the Lolo Watershed Group


(406) 273-2446

Julie Ralston

Bitterroot Conservation District

Julie is the CD’s District Administrator.

Majority of the watershed lies within in Ravalli County, which is covered by the Bitterroot CD.


Contact your local CD for information on conservation practices and required permits for construction work in or near a stream.


(406) 363-5010

Tara Comfort

Missoula Conservation District

Tara is the CD’s District Administrator.

The lower portion of the Bitterroot River watershed lies in Missoula County.


(406) 829-3395

1. The project coordinator changed from Christina Staten to Jordan Tollefson in June 2013.

2. Darrin Kron was the former nutrients, mainstem sediment, and temperature project manager. Darrin has changed positions within DEQ and is now the Monitoring & Assessment Section Supervisor for the Water Quality Planning Bureau.

3. The temperature project manager changed from Paul Kusnierz to Jordan Tollefson in June 2013.

4. The nutrients project manager changed from Christian Schmidt to Mindy McCarthy in January 2014. 

Page Released: July 17, 2012

Last Updated:   June 3, 2014