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Otter Creek TMDL Documents

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Otter Creek TMDL Project Home Page

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Additional documents will be posted as they become available.


Project Planning Documents & Sampling Data 




Otter Creek TMDL Project Plan (1.07 MB)

This document defines the project basis; project location and scope; project considerations; a TMDL development strategy for iron, sediment, and salinity; outlines a schedule and a public outreach strategy.

May 2013


Otter Creek Metals & Nutrients Sampling & Analysis Plan (1.17 MB)

This document defines the project description, sampling locations, field sampling methods, laboratory analytical requirements, and quality assurance and control requirements for metals and nutrients monitoring conducted in the Otter Creek watershed in June and August of 2013.

May 2013


Iron Data Collected in 2013


MS Excel Spreadsheet (~0.9 MB)

PDF (~0.7 MB)

The iron data collected in the Otter Creek watershed in June and August of 2013 per the above sampling plan is available for review.





Reference Reports & Data for Sediment Impairment Assessment

(Documents are ordered alphabetically by agency)



Sediment Beneficial Use Support Assessment for Otter Creek (1.62 MB)

DEQ removed the sediment impairment for Otter Creek from the 303(d) list (list of waters impaired by a pollutant). This report examines and details a weight-of-evidence approach taken by DEQ that evaluates the relationship of suspended sediment concentrations and discharge (flow) in Otter Creek.


All reports referenced in the assessment are included in this table.

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

November 15, 2013

Otter Creek Water Quality Assessment Record (45 kb)

Montana Department of Environmental Quality, 2008

Baseline Assessments and Analysis of Fish, Macroinvertebrates and Herpetofauna in the Otter Creek Coal Tracts Area of Powder River County (3.20 MB)


Appendix B: Macroinvertebrate Taxa List (77 kb)

Montana Natural Heritage Program, January 2012

2012 Survey Assessments and Analysis of Fish, Macroinvertebrates and Herpetofauna in the Otter Creek Coal Tracts Area of Powder River County (2.44 MB)

Montana Natural Heritage Program, January 2013

Suspended-Sediment Transport Rates at the 1.5-year Recurrence Interval for Ecoregions of the United States: Transport Conditions at the Bankfull and Effective Discharge? (2.57 MB)

USDA Agriculture Research Service, July 2003

(Andrew Simon, Wendy Dickerson, Amanda Heins published in "Geomorphology" in 2004)

Characterization of Suspended-Sediment Transport Conditions for Stable, “Reference” Streams in Selected Ecoregions of EPA Region 8 (4.02 MB)


Appendices A – C (1.08 MB)

Appendix D (54 kb)

Appendix E (38 kb)

Appendix F (38 kb)

Appendix G (48 kb)

USDA Agriculture Research Service, April 2009

Tongue River Stream Corridor Assessment  Montana Reaches, Phase II – Physical Habitat Assessment (8.28 MB)

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Montana, December 2002

Water Quality Assessment for the Tongue River Watershed, Montana (4.8 MB)


Appendices A – L (4.35 MB)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, August 2007

USGS Stream Gage Suspended Sediment Concentration Data

Station 06307740, Otter Creek at Ashland MT


MS Excel Spreadsheet (18 kb)

PDF File (97 kb)

U.S. Geological Survey, 1974 - 2013




Draft Otter Creek TMDL Document




Date Posted

Submit Comments To:

Section 2: Otter Creek Watershed Description & Appendix A: Maps & Tables

A summary description of the physical, ecological, and social characteristics of the Otter Creek watershed.


Document removed on 8/27/15. See Section 2.0 of the draft iron TMDL document.


Otter Creek Iron TMDL – Stakeholder Review Draft


Appendix A: Otter Creek Watershed Description Tables and Figures 


Appendix B: Otter Creek Iron Water Quality Data 

Document includes an iron TMDL and allocations for Otter Creek, and is organized in the follow sections:


1.0 Project Overview

2.0 Otter Creek Watershed Description

3.0 Montana Water Quality Standards

4.0 Defining TMDLs & Their Components

5.0 Otter Creek Iron TMDL & Components

6.0 Public Participation & Public Comments

7.0 References



(Document removed on 9/30/15)

The comment deadline for the stakeholder review draft was September 10, 2015.


The draft document was then available for public comment from October 1, 2015 through October 30, 2015. DEQ is in the process of responding to public comments. A final document will be available after it is approved by the U.S. EPA.


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Please contact Christina Staten if you need assistance downloading any documents on this page (406-444-2836)


Page Released: June 5, 2013

Last Updated: January 12, 2016