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How to Request Access and Set Up Your Account

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The "Reqest Access" feature is currently disabled for this site. All pages are viewable to everyone.


In the past, some pages on this site were dedicated to specific TMDL technical advisory groups (TAGs) and were intended as a communication tool between the TMDL Project Managers and the applicable TAG members. These pages required an account and were not viewable by everyone. Currently, DEQ is not requiring an account to view any page on this site. If this feature is used again in the future, the below instructions will guide you through requesting access and setting up your account.


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Requesting Access 

Some pages on this site are created to distribute documents to TMDL technical advisory groups for their review. If an account is required in the future to view any of these pages, the below information and instructions will be applicable.



How to Request Access & Join

You can request access to this site/workspace using the link found in the top right corner of every page, as shown in the image below.

Request Access Feature on the Homepage


DEQ will ask TMDL advisory group members to request access to view specific pages. If you request access using an email address different from the one with which you recieved the email from DEQ, please provide your affiliation to the TMDL project in the "Message" box (see image below). The approval process is not automated and we must recognize your email address or the information you provide in the Message box to provide you with access to your project's page.


Note that even though the wiki URL is called "montanatmdlflathead," the wiki contains pages for multiple TMDL projects. Image of the Request Access Screen 



Since the approval process is not automated, you may not receive instant access. The wiki administrator (Christina Staten or Pam Arroues) must approve your request. If the Administrator is out of the office or away from their desk, your approval may take some time. We will try to grant all approvals as fast as possible, however.


Once your request is approved, you will recieve an email from PBworks.com with the subject: "Approval to join montanatmdlflathead" (see image below). Click on the link in the email to set up your account. If you have received the email, continue to "Setting Up & Managing Your Account" below.


 Note that DEQ does not have access to user's account information, including passwords.

Image of Wiki Approval Email from PBworks.com 



I Never Recieved or I Lost the Approval Email With the Link to Join this Workspace

Most requests will be approved within a few hours. If you do not receive your approval email, check your spam/junk mail folders to see if the email was filtered by your spam blocker. To ensure that you can receive the email, add @pbworks.com to your email program's safe list. If you are on a network with a particularly strong spam filter, you may need to talk to your IT administrator and ask them to whitelist emails from the PBworks domain (@pbworks.com).  


If you still cannot find the email, contact Christina Staten (406-444-2836) or Pam Arroues (406-444-6763). They may ask you to go to http://my.pbworks.com and click on "Forgot your password?"  Even though you have not previously set a password, this will allow you to set one and activate your account if a wiki administrator (Christina or Pam) has already approved your request.

Image of "Forgot your password?" link



Once you click on "Forgot your password?" you will be directed to a page where you can "reset" your password. Enter your email address and click "Reset Password."

Image of Password Reset screen


You will receive an email from "do-not-reply@pbworks.com" with the subject "PBworks - Password Reset." Follow the link in the email to enter your email address and your password. See "Managing Your Account" below for the next steps. 



 Setting Up & Managing Your Account


How to Set Up Your Account & Get to Your Project's Page

When you create an account, you are creating an account with the company PBworks, not Montana DEQ. Note that DEQ does not have access to user's account information.


Once you click on the link in your approval email (see above under "How to Request Access & Join"), a My PBworks page will open and allow you to enter your name as you would like it to appear on this site/workspace and also set your password (see image below). 


Image of the My PBworks Account Set-up Screen


Once you click Save, you will automatically be logged in and will be redirected to your "My PBworks" account page (see image below), not this site's homepage or the page containing the documents you are seeking. Click on the "Home" tab. The URL and hyperlink for this site (montanatmdlflathead.pbworks.com) will appear in the "My Workspaces" list. Clicking on the link will take you to the homepage. Then use the sidebar to find the page you are looking for. We recommend that you add a bookmark to the page so that you can easily return to it. See "How to Return after You Logout" below for additional information on getting back.


How to Manage Your Account 


Image of My Workspaces within a wiki account 


If you are a member of any other state of Montana wikis/workspaces or other wikis by PBworks, web addresses for those workspaces will also appear in the list. In the picture above, the user is a member of this workspace and also the Montana DEQ Nonpoint Source and 319 Grants Wiki.


The "Enable Notifications" check box lets you decide if you want to receive emails when changes are made to this site, however DEQ has this feature disabled. The drop-down list under "Preferences" allows you to set how often you would like to receive notifications (see image above), but because DEQ has disabled the feature, you will not receive notifications even if you check this box.



How to Return after You Logout 

Each time you return to this site/workspace, you will need to log in to your account to access the page(s) to which you were given access. You can log in to your account by either using the "log in" link in the top right corner of the page, or by going to my.pbworks.com. If you have bookmarked a particular page, you can return to that page and log in from there. After you enter your email address and password, you will automatically be directed to the homepage, even if you log in from a page other than the homepage. Use the sidebar to navigate to your page of interest. 


You will know that you are logged-in when you see the navigational toolbar at the top of the page and also your email address or name in the top right corner (your name will only appear if you enter it in your account settings). The image below shows what the site looks like when the user pschade is logged in. Not only do you see their email address on the right, but you also see the tabs "My PBworks" and "Workspaces" on the left.


Image of page when you are logged-in to your account


If you log in using the my.pbworks.com link, you will automatically go to your account page and not the homepage. You can find a hyperlink to this site/workspace under the "Home" tab, as discussed above in "How to Set Up Your Account & Get to Your Project's Page."



How to Change Your Password or Email Address 

Log in using one of the above methods. If you log in using the "log in" link found at the top of all pages, you will need to click on your email address or name in the top right corner of the page or click on "account" to get to your My PBworks account page (see the image above). Under the "Email" tab of My PBworks, you have the ability to change your email address or password. You may also add additional email addresses for your account.  


Image of a Wiki Account Email Tab 



Forgot Your Password?

Click here to have a password reset email sent to you.  



How to Delete Your Account 

See: How To Delete Your Wiki Account 



 Trouble Accessing This Site or Viewing Pages


DEQ administers this site but does not host the site, meaning that we do not have control over some problems that you may encounter. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


"Permission Denied"

Unless you have been granted access to some pages, you will receive a "Permission Denied" message when you click on the page link (see image below). If you have been given access to view a page, but are receiving the Permission Denied message, you most likley are not logged in to your account.


Image of Permission Denied error message 


Contact Christina Staten (cstaten@mt.gov, 406-444-2836) or Pamela Arroues (parroues@mt.gov, 406-444-6763) if you need assistance setting up your account or have other questions. 


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